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    Website design with carnival games launching new Sony Ericsson phones
Sony Ericsson Music Carnival
See things differently

We had some brand-new Sony Ericsson Walkman phones with great new features to promote. But how could we inform the media about these features if we couldn't give them phones to try out? We did the next best thing - create games around them.

Set in a fun, entertaining carnival environment, three different games were created, each bringing out a new product feature. Log-ins were given exclusively to members of the media to play, and to simulate a real arcade or carnival, doing well would earn them points and a place on the Leaderboard. The catch: Each person only started out with a few tokens, and to keep playing, tokens had to be earned!

Everyone had lots of fun playing the games, and clients and others who weren't members of the media heard about it and wanted us to share the microsite with them so that they could play the games too!