Miscellaneous Leather Crafting, Tooling, & Painting
Miscellaneous Leather Crafting, Tooling, & Painting
I enjoy working with leather because of its stylishness and durability. I've crafted a number of utility items from leather, as well as some decorative items.
Pokemon Trading Card Game accessories pouch, made to contain glass damage counters, with a snap pocket on the outside to hold coins and status markers.
Client's initials on precut belt pouch.
Owl design on precut luggage tag.
Personal symbol on cowhide pendant.
Personal totem (armadillo) on stained cowhide pendant.
Painted dragon, fire and rune design on precut knife pouch.
Initial on custom knife sheath.
Custom cowhide wristband with UGA collegiate logo.
Painted cowhide patch bearing artist's personal logo.