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    Best messenger application for your mobile. It contains only essentials and has a strong focus on user experience.
Project Details
This project contains a design of iOS mobile app called 'Messenger'. It was optimized for better user-computer interaction by removing all UI clutter and simplifying logic of message sending-receiving for the end-user. App contains following screens: Messages, Contacts, Settings and Interaction View (chat).
'Messages' menu item contains all active dialogs.
Not seen dialogs marked with a bold typeface and notification icons (red circle right at the top of the profile image with a number of not seen messages). User imediatly notice red color and bold typeface (this moment is  especially important for users with color disabilities).
User are able to search for the information (searh isn't limited by name or surname, it's a power search for content too).
User notice time when message arrived (current time is mared as Now, older messages are marked with labels 'yesterday', '2 day ago', 'week ago', etc).
User interface is finger-friendly. All buttons and other touch targets are designed for thumb. A minimum target size is 44 x 44 pt and there is enought room between each interactive element. 
Conversation view is pretty simple and obvious. Interface has two color scheme: neutral grey color and light blue color. All messages from user makred with light blue color and has timestamp and status (send or not). If message was sent it has a small paper plane icon. First-time user might wonder what this icons means, but after a while they'll notice the logic behind this icon.
At the bottom you can see an input field. You can type a text message here or send emoji. Please notice that 'Send' button isn't active if you haven't type anything and it has a light grey color. As soon as user start typing he'll notice that the button 'Send' will have a nice blue color. 
Also user is able to send a document, an image or video using a 'Clip' symbol. Whe user press the 'Clip' button, the app opens a dialog with request to select any content-rich data.
Content from popular resources such as YouTube must be shown with a total duration and resorce's logo (see example below).
Conversation view can also show a status of contact. There are two states (Online or Offline). If user is offline, the status isn't show. When contact person is typing a message, user is able to see a small cloud icon with a progress indication inside it.