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    A prototype of 'Notes' app for iOS. All improvements are directly focussed on user experience and ease first-time experience.
Note Editor View
This is a small rework for the standart iOS app called 'Notes'. This app is very usefull and helps a lot during daily activities. However, first-time users might be confused by the icons in this application. The problem is - icons doesn't have any copy and they are mixed (part of the actions like 'Share it' at the top rigth corner of the app, while other actions are at the bottom).

This rework includes:
1. A little bit different set of icons (icon with curve was removed, now it's a draw icon) and label for each icon
2. Finger-friendly targets (40x40 px and enough whitespace between each tab target).
3. Actions are separated (bottom menu has only actions which is related to the content creation, while top menu has actions with content management - Delete and Share it). 
4. Create new item action was removed from the editor part and available only on the main view of the appliction.