"You don't need a wall, but sensitivity." part of the album on Facebook It's all about SENSE.
Social campaign pro-refugees for Milan (Italy). Exam project.
The campaign is based on the definition of sensitivity, experience and shelter. In my opinion, experience is the key for a lot of things, particularly for this. But it's not simple, you can't say to other people "Go and make the same experience to understand what hardships they overcome to have a little fragment of peace, somewhere to feel safe". We can't say it, it's not even right.
So, what can we do?
Hug. A simple yet difficult thing to do sometimes. 
A simple experience TO FEEL what means to be accepted.
To bring down that walls (prejudice, indifference, ignorance, stereotypes, cruelty).
This project includes advertising, social media and an event. 
Main adv of the campaign. "Bring down the wall!", which subheadline changes every time.
Photo made by me.
The campaign extended, as I said, even on social network. I decided to create an official page on Facebook and Twitter.
Click on the yellow links to see the full virtual campaign and the advertisement for the event or copy-and-paste:
I decided to call it TO FEEL CAMPAIGN and use the hashtag #milanfeels because it's all about feelings and to feel that warmth that comes from being accepted and welcomed. The hashtag could change based on the city where the event would take place (as exemple: #venicefeels, #ventimigliafeels...).
But it's not only social! The event includes cards that advertise the event and, on the other side, a sticker with the hashtag.
Do you want to take part in it? Then stick it to your t-shirt!
Do not want/can but also think that the event can make the difference? Stick it to your t-shirt and promote it wherever you go!
You will recognize the staff of the event thanks to their t-shirt.
Thanks for watching!
Remember TO FEEL.
To Feel // Campaign

To Feel // Campaign

Tira Giù il Muro (Bring down the wall) is a campaign pro-refugees.


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