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    Art Direction, Identity and Illustration for this NZ Comedy Festival 2012.
NZ International Comedy Festival 2012
Art Direction, Branding, Illustration
The New Zealand Comedy Festival wanted to take this years festival to the next level, not only celebrate the them being 20 years old but also to take on a risker, more edgy look than their past campaigns.

Working closely with the festival organizers we came up with an underlying theme to this years art direction - '20 years of laughing dangerously'. We would approach it with tongue and cheek, have it packed full of comedy cliches with a comic illustrative style combine with the grit of a distressed street poster campaign.

The final campaign elements ultimately boiled down to a 'dangerously fun' reusable wallpaper background paired with a clean circular button logo lockup around the ever present laughing man. These elements would be shaped and reused throughout the festival booklet, print ads, web advertising, TV commercials, ad shells and other traditional signage.