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The birds banquet
Snæfoksstaðaskógur is a forest in the south of Iceland. Crossbill, a relatively uncommon bird species in Iceland lives in the forest. The birdlays eggs over the wintertime, which is a rare behavior for birds, and only lays eggs in forests that he believes can sustain him and his offspring.

A walking path in the forest was chosen and marked with colored string. When the path has been walked almost to its end, glimpses of a Birds Banquet start to emerge between the trees. One can slip in-between the vegetation to join the party and get into a magical ambiance where run-off wood, acquired from forest thinning, make for table and seats. The table is loaded with gourmet food, “Frægæti”, where the main ingredients are sunflower seeds, which are a great delicacy in the eyes of the crossbill.

Once a year the table is set in an event that is open to everyone visiting the forest. Over the subsequent winter the birds will then eat the tableware until nothing remains. At this place the human world overlaps with the birdlife and it is as if the birds rule the area.

The cutlery that is used in the Birds Banquet can bepurchased so that people can hold their own banquets for the birds in their environment.

In collaboration with Dagbjört Ylfa Geirsdóttir, Guðrún Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir and Svana Lovísa Kjartansdóttir