Fondue of You - 2014 Annual Report
Project for GRA 356: Type and Image for Multimedia
 This annual report was designed for a project in my GRA 356: Type and Image for Multimedia class. Most of my projects consist of branding and designing a fictional desserts shop, so I chose a fondue restaurant named "Fondue of You." Our final project is to design an annual report of the desserts shop.
The theme for the fictional 2014 annual report is "Fond of You," which goes along with the idea that the restaurant is all about pleasing the customers. It is also goes with a more romantic theme, so there was a lot of hearts and romantic colors (red) to go along with the theme.
All photos were taken by me with the exception of the photo on left page of the table of contents spread.
 The menu options were taken from a menu from another fondue place.