For a semester-long collaboration with my design class, GRA 437: Typographic Design, we worked on the 2013 National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) case study. It is a collaboration effort in that students from my class are grouped with students from an advertising class and students from a photography class.
I was paired with Diana Backer (, an advertising major, and Andrew Renneissen (, a photography major.
We decided to aim our advertisement at women. Women who shop at Walmart go there for high quality products at low prices; a common example is the makeup offered at Walmart. They depend on Walmart to find a great selection of makeup from well-known brands for cheaper costs. With this, we decided to make that connection with Glidden paint. People don't automatically think of Walmart as a go-to paint store, but makeup often is. So, like makeup, one can depend on Walmart to sell paint that's high performing and affordable.
With our advertising campaign, we won 4th place out of 13 groups.