Mammuth Movie Poster
Pratt Institute / Fall 2011
Mammuth, a 2010 French film, is about an old retiree who sets out on his ‘72 motorbike, a Mammuth, which gave the old man his nickname, in order to find the paperwork from former employers to collect his pension. He visits his past, meeting long-lost friends, family members, and reliving memories of his youth on the way. In the end, this movie is not about a man traveling to collect old documents. It’s about an aging man on a journey who discovers his own self and realizes that what he only thought of as the end may actually be a new beginning. Plus a bit of dry humor.

One of the most interesting images I found throughout the movie was the greasy, dangling hair of our hero, flying in the air as he sped along the road on his bike. He continued to move, one place to another, passing by memories, whether sad or happy. I wanted to capture that movement. I also wanted to show the grainy quality and saturated colors of the movie, which had been done with reversible Super 16mm film. I used colored pencils to illustrate the poster, which allowed me to create a textural image and different layers of depth. Based on the typeface Cooper Black, I hand-traced and adjusted the lettering to give it texture and movement.
I continued with the concept of “moving on” in a film sequence for a 15 second movie commercial. Starting with the rumbling roar of the motorbike ignition, the letters of “Mammuth” spurt out of the thick, black smoke of the vehicle. These letters continue to hover in the air as Depardieu speeds on the road, and vanish as he steers his beloved bike towards the light.
film sequence