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    a vending machine booth for the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Heart Pharmacy
IONOI design studio / 2015
Client: SFAC (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)
Firm: IONOI design studio
Product: Vending Machine Booth & Components
Service Provided: Graphic Design & Production
The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture has set up a vending machine booth at the Citizens Hall (a public square situated on the basement levels of Seoul City Hall) called 'Heart Pharmacy,' as part of their Urban Guerilla Project and 'Heart Healing' campaign. This vending machine dispenses 20 articles—each of which represents a common symptom of the modern citizen/urbanite—containing a package of simple, cheery remedies for each symptom or condition. These symptom titles (translated) include 'Last-stage Monday Sickness,' 'Epidemic Smartphone Addiction,' 'Self-Awareness of Aging,' to name a few. Remedies include various illustrations, movie recommendations, writings, a series of maps, and simple objects to brighten up the Glum and Gloomy. 
The concept of a heart-healing vending machine, including the BI design, was proposed by advertising agency HS Ad. IONOI design studio took charge of design and execution for all components: booth design, vending machine wrap, package & print design, promotional material, etc. 
photograph courtesy of SFAC (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)
card remedies
illustrations for food remedies
illustrations for dance remedies
map of Seoul's cultural institutions and centers
map of Seoul's cultural heritage and parks
map of Seoul's traditional marketplaces
Heart Pharmacy opening event, February 13, 2015
packages inside vending machine