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    Repackaging of 750 ml packs of ice cream. Worked with- Ajinkya Maldikar
Ice Creams
A project in Packaging
This was a multi- disciplinary classroom project where the objective was to redesign current ice cream packaging.
This project focuses on low-cost paper packs containing 750 ml of ice cream.
Crucial learnings through research and analysis:
These packs are bought for various purposes- social gatherings, individual consumption etc.
Most people eat the ice cream by slicing it, not scooping it
Once the pack is fully opened it is difficult to seal again, thus degrading the quality of any remaining ice cream.
Additionally, people of the upper classes often feel uncomfortable serving such ice creams during social gatherings as they feel it looks 'cheap'.
(above) The existing packaging has faulty perforations, unappealing graphics and once opened cannot be resealed.
Our solution was to create a pack that could expose only a part of the ice cream so that the rest remains protected. For this, we provided perforations that would allow the consumer to open and eat a third of the ice cream at a time. Our concept also included a thin plastic layer within the packaging that would prevent the package from getting soggy.
Visually, it would appeal purely to one's sense of taste.