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    This project is the outcome of a two day Type workshop with Peter Bilak from the Indian Type Foundry.
Design of two new graphemes
This project was the outcome of a two day workshop with Peter Bilak from the Indian Type Foundry. 
We were asked to select two phonemes from our native languages (in my case, Malayalam), that did not have a corresponding letter in the latin alphabet. We were then asked to propose graphemes for these sounds and integrate them into an existing typeface (Futura). During the course of the workshop we analyzed thoroughly the anatomy and construction of the latin alphabet and gained a much deeper understanding of it's existing structure.
The above are two letters from the malayalam language for which i proposed latin graphemes. 
(left) This letter symbolizes a sound (unused in english) similar to a 'R' but without the roughness. It is almost a mixture of 'R' and 'L'. In Kerala, this sound is articulated by writing 'zh'.
(right) This letter symbolizes a 'ch' sound, that is fairly common in the english language.
 Poster - Typeface integration at different point sizes.
Usage of graphemes.