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Adobe Creative MeetUp - 2.July -DDorf!
I have been working with Adobe to plan their Creative MeetUp Conference in Düsseldorf!  It will take place on Saturday July 2nd at Düsseldorf's Capitol Theater.  We hosted a similar event in 2014, and had 825 creatives in attendance!
On this project you will learn some of my steps for organzing the 2016 Adobe Creative Meet Up Conference for Düsseldorf!
Registration is FREE!
Originally Adobe asked me to use their 6 color quadrat logo.  But as the event grew larger, I was asked to change it a very 80s hip logo that they had.  Thus, I recreated the poster with that retro graphic look and you know what.... I am quite happy with the outcome!
My various skills have come in useful to planning a wonderful event!  The idea was to host a FREE conference where creatives living in Germany could come for a day of INSPIRATION and NETWORKING!
The first step was to find speakers that could be entertaining to an audience of creatives from different backgrounds.... something for everyone.  And not just interesting to creatives but also to art lovers!
In a way... this is like gallery curation or even casting for a commercial or tv.   Find the right talent that can appeal to your target audience.  
Next step.... was to add some elements to make the conference even more interesting. This includes adding interactive elements.....
But how can one take that one step further?  Well by adding an art gallery of course! It is an Adobe event.... and to me when I think about Adobe I think about talented artists from all over the world.  Granted I could not get artists from all the corners of the globe.  However, in NRW there several really talented artists in almost every field!  So I found 20 artists to showcase their work!
Also in NRW the Behance Dribbble Portfolio Reviews have been the only way that creatives could come and share their work and get feedback.  So the normal sized events have become quite popular.  Thus, it was time to integrate that into the larger event!  If an actor can practice a monologue... then creatives should practice talking about their work.  This comes in handy when meeting new clients and potential employers!
Now because I feel the Adobe Community and Behance Community is strong and a lot of fun.  I decided to creating a social media campaign where participants could interact and share the event would be a nice way to spread the word.
I did this by creating Social Media Squares for all the Speakers, Creative Jammers and Artists!  I think I created 50+ in total! A lot of work... but you know what.  Seeing how each person customized their Square was brilliant and exciting!  Again this is a great community builder.  Here are two examples....
Olga really had fun... she combined her Social Media Square with a photo of herself and an overlay of one of her illustrations!
Stephanie added one of her favorite illustrations... and it works perfectly.... the skin tone of her character compliments the design of the Social Media Square!
It also allows the participants to show who they are.... yes I could hand picked every image from their portfolios.  But then to me it is a little less personal.  So allowing them the option to fill in the right side was a brilliant and fun idea!
What is great about putting this event together with Adobe was I could test my skills.... Advertising, Marketing, Production, Public Relations, Social Media, SEO, etc.
I hope the 2016 event is as fun as the 2014 event!
Adobe Creative MeetUp - 2.July -DDorf!