Сonceptual boutique of women's clothing
Here it, let and small, but, perhaps, the best sample of collaboration of the client and our company — a logo of conceptual boutique of women's clothing Fashion DNA. 
In a short, but informative brief there was a description of all moments which need to be considered in operation over a logo. And in a makeweight we received also moodboard, explicitly visualizing all that was designated in a brief. Not operation, but happiness! As the main image it was offered to use DNA spiral, and it was decided to realize a logo from neon tubes. As the total, all expectations of the client were embodied in a logo in which it is possible to find both a spiral of DNA, and a sartorial dummy as a basis of fashionable clothes, and a female silhouette of those women of fashion that will drop in in new boutique. The most attentive will find in it even a lowercase letter of "f" - "fashion". The sign was accurately transferred to a logo which was made a cliche to simplify its implementation in neon. Neon on in design of an interior — it, of course, is good, but what to do with printed materials? And again the brief in which there are also colors lovely to heart of the charming client came to the rescue. Having integrated them in a company gradient, we tried to show light of an ultraviolet on the printing.

Having summed up, say, that operations it was successfully protected. We received the new cool project in a portfolio and a heap of pleasure in operation over it, and the client got a new logo, a logo and our immense gratitude!
PS. On the presentation it was clarified that we that we accurately got to stylistics of an interior of shop over which operations were carried parallely, but not our company.
The project was made by

Suhanov Anatoliy

Design / animations
Denis Bezrukov

Account manager
Multiple Owners
Denis Bezrukov