Otri is a comprehensive health app startup.
Founders want to help people improve their quality of life through health tracking, telemedicine, good habits, healthy lifestyle changes, and nutrition.

The client’s goal was to create a brand and project identity that aligned with their mission to become a market leader and an vital, convenient everyday tool for the 2.5 million residents of Russian megalopolises. Since they were building a mobile product, it was crucial that we develop a flawless design & UI for the healthcare app, with a focus on product metrics, user scenarios, and building the most effective communications with users. We started with prototypes/UX/UI and cool architectural interface solutions, and we covered it with a beautiful visual wrap.

The art direction was fully managed by Evrone’s art director, including branding, design management, and product design. We helped Otri develop an identity that introduces a perfectly conceived set of images with a beautiful range of colors, without feeling cliché, cloying, or cheesy. These integrate seamlessly with the brand colors, the logo, and the icon on its own.

Art Direction: Sergei Anenko

Natalia Yankelevich, ​​​​​​​Denis Bezrukov

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Identity & UI/UX design for a Otri.io
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