University of Coimbra Botanical Garden Identity
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    Visual Identity for the University of Coimbra Botanical Garden.
University of Coimbra Botanical Garden
The logo designed for the Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra consists of a symbol and the name of the institution.
The symbol is known in psychology as an ambiguous image, causing multistable perception. An image with multiple interpretation.
Here one can either see:
· a water lily (Victoria cruziana), an ex-libris from the Botanical Garden’s collection of plants;
· a heart – a symbol of life and health. It is also symbol of the affection that the city of Coimbra has for this garden located close to the main University campus and to the "Praça da República" in the heart of Coimbra. A conveniently located haven, accomplice of lovers and background to many walks, meditations and classes.
The iconic design of the symbolensures an effective use on a variety of sizes and materials. Good reproduction of the symbol is guaranteed even in situations with great restrictions, such as bas-reliefs in stone, wood or metal.
The logo uses the Kunstuff typeface designed by Henrik Kubel in 2004. Harmony with the symbol is obtained through the pronounced serifs and well proportioned contrasts.
Two contrasting live green colors bias towards the interpretation of the water lilly in the symbol while conferring the organic ‘tone’ of garden.