RePulse was a group branding project we came up with in our Junior Design class. Basically what happened was our class was split into teams of three people and we could come up with any non existing product. What we created was a double sided iPhone power cord that could be used to restore power to a dead iPhone battery. We then settled on a name that I came up with, which is RePulse, and was meant to be thought provoking yet would describe our product at the same time. Next, we went through two rounds of logo thumbnail designs and computer comps. Since our age demographic was 15-25 we wanted something vibrant that would attract younger buyers. When it came time for us to each design final logos we went with the direction that I also came up with. I had the idea of interconnectivity because the process of using our product would have to be personal. My logo incorporated our power cord in the abstract shape of two people. Finally we had to create business cards, an envelope and letterhead that would tie in with our final logo.