Benchmark Group Media Website
This is probably the most exciting project I created thus far while working at Benchmark Group Media. The Director of Custom Publishing approached me about potentially redesigning their website since he knew I was familiar with Flash. I jumped at the opportunity and did some sketches and gathered some ideas. The following day we met with the Chief Operating Officer and I went over my thoughts and layout designs. He was very impressed and gave me a general direction to go in, but he said many specifics would be my choice.

For our home page some people liked the idea of a splash page while some didn't so I created the best of both worlds. When you open the site you see a nice shot of the city and when you click "enter" the photo compresses and goes to the top then the menu quickly fades in. When you reach the "work" page you can scroll through everything BGM has produced and what makes this unique is the effect when you click next or previous. The title or logo of the projects goes left while the description goes right, and they both fade out. The next piece fades in and does the same effect in the opposite direction. The major feature, however, is the "team" page. When you enter the page you will see photos of the entire staff in black and white. Then when you roll over any picture they turn to color and feature a personality photo. Once clicked you see a full color photo of the original black and white image with a short bio or blurb from that person and also has a linkable email address.

Unfortunately, I found out about two months after that the host we were using wasn't Flash compatible, but if you visit the website today you can see most of my layout design but there are no effects. So if you were wondering about why I didn't go through home, about, partners or contact that is the reason. They were intended to be static pages with text then the side bar on the right third of the screen was going to be a live twitter feed. Even though I can't say the current website is something I almost entirely created, I can say I was proud to work on such a demanding project and would do it all over again.