White Square
8th International Advertising and Marketing Festival

The identity based on the image from the classic computer game The Snake.
Snake symbolizes continuous growth and development: in one's profession, in business environment,
and in the industry in general. White square is a target for a white snake moving on the black background.
The square emphasizes the most important items or targets and focuses the viewers' attention on them.
Variability of the identity depends on the exotic forms and sizes of the snake trying to catch the square.
There are no borders for its movement — it can flow from one object to another using any black surface.

2 place (Silver) — International Advertising Festival Ad Black Sea 2016
3 place (Bronze) — International Festival of Advertising and Marketing "White Square" 2016
3 place (Bronze) — National Advertising Festival "Idea" 2016
3 place (Bronze) — Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2016
White Square VIII