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I like to look at the world from my own point of view and with different eyes. As every photographer, I am fascinated by NYC and since I arrived here I fell in love with Central Park, it’s majesty and the contrast of nature included in the famous Big Apple’s skyscrapers, so I decided to create this new personal project, to highlight this contrast using the infrared photography inviting viewers into a new world unseen.

Plants that have chlorophyll, such as grass, leaves and trees, strongly reflect this invisible infrared light. The Chlorophyll is reflected by plant for the 20% on the green, visible to the human eyes, the other 80% is reflected on the infrared spectrum that we can’t see.
With the infrared digital photography, using a special filter in front of the lens, I have blocked the visible light capturing only the invisible. Other elements as asphalt, bricks, water and other surfaces do not reflect the infrared light so they keep the same colors.

About two years ago I started  working with infrared photography, shooting landscapes near Turin, my hometown. 
My first experimental series was taken in winter time and was focused on the contrast between the snow and the color of nature. Talking about infrared, this is the first real project as a mean of artistic expression. What I like of this kind of photography is to make visible something invisible. My aim is to show something recognizable under a new unexpected and personal point of view.

In 2016 I have chosen Central Park because I wanted to capture the unique environment of this Park, that for me is like Paradise Island within the city. Central Park is the place where people go to have a break from the busy routine of the city, or you can just sit there and it seems that you enter in a new pacific world.
All my images were taken in Central Park because for this type of infrared photography I need a big and massive piece of nature, with a lot of green elements.


"What would it look like if Willy Wonky designed New York City's Central Park?"

by Ana Swanson - The Washington Post

"Photographers find Central Park irresistible. Everyone from selfie-snapping tourists to fine artists and what seems like every wedding photographer in the city shoots there. Paolo Pettigiani brings a refreshing point of view to the trope, transforming the stunning landscape into a salmon pink wonderland."
by Laura Mallonee -  Wired
"He captured the peaceful atmosphere in the park with New York’s skyline behind. But in contrast to conventional pictures,
each photo shows the famous Central Park in dreamlike infrared/aerochrome colors."

by Dirk Petzold - We And The Color
"Recently settled in New York, he decided to to capture with poetry a surprising collection
of pictures of Central Park’s landscapes, in a series named Infrared NYC."
by Katia Prokhorenko - Fubiz Magazine
#07 - #08
"The series invites viewers into a world unseen, as eyes cannot fully see infrared light. The metropolis is transformed
from grassy expanses and towering buildings to a surreal urban vision, almost unreal in its colorful quality."
by Nina Azzarello - DesignBoom Magazine
"Central Park like you have never seen it before."

by Adam Mark Barnard - Hypebeast Magazine
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Six of these images are also available at LUMAS Gallery


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