In 2016, incredible things happened when you shared your work.

You went viral.

“I think that Behance is the most powerful platform in the world. Once I published my infrared photos on Behance, it became viral in a few hours. Within the week I had interviews and publicity from blogs and magazines all around the world, such as The Washington Post, Wired, Time Out, Huffington Post, and Hypebeast, and my art is now sold in 40 art galleries worldwide.”

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You found international fame.

“Indeed its been a phenomenal year! CNN, Adobe Create, and Communications Arts all featured me after seeing my work on Behance, and I've also had more international clients reach out to me, looking for a local photographer in Nairobi, Kenya.”

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You paid tribute.

“When I published my David Bowie collages, David Bowie's wife Iman saw this Behance project, messaged me personally about it, and shared it on her Instagram."

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You were discovered.

"Our personal project The Ash became the cover for the rapper Future's album #EVOL and was featured on Apple's iPhone 7 Keynote. All thanks to Behance."

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You inspired others.

“I use my Ipad Pro and Adobe Draw for all of my drawings. When I posted my drawing dedicated to Malik Taylor on Behance, I got a ton of attention from young students in South Africa. I ended up having the opportunity to conduct a Skype drawing lesson to their Disa Primary School classroom!”

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You found your calling.

“I was recently a struggling student whose family didn't understand design as a career. This put immense pressure on me to prove I can make a living doing what I love. Thanks to Behance, the Food Network discovered my portfolio and reached out to me with a job offer. That opportunity would never have come to me without Behance— thank you so much for all you do for designers/artists, especially students!”

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You got unexpected opportunities.

“The most amazing thing happened to me: In January, Publicis reached out to me to create a greeting card for the French prime minster. They discovered me through Behance!”

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You made it.

"Universal Studios contacted me requesting a copy of my Jaws posters on Behance. They were redecorating their offices and hallways and thought it would look great there. A few weeks later I got a photo of my screenprint hanging at the studio right next to a prop from Mummy."

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In 2016, Behance grew in some fun, and even unexpected ways.

You gave
appreciations and

You organized events in 84 countries to share work during Portfolio Review Week.

“Invitations to job interviews were happening right during the portfolio reviews and we felt proud for our participants. It’s a certain kind of pleasure when you help other creatives to find their place and more opportunities to grow.”

Portfolio Review Week +Portfolio Review Week +

You came together as a creative community through 99U.

“There is no one better than the creative community at coming together to help support one another. A place that we like to go when we're needing a bit of a boost is the magazine over at 99U.”

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You established your online presence with Adobe Portfolio.

“Many positive things happened as a result of having my work on Behance and Adobe Portfolio. I’m not a web developer or an interaction designer but Portfolio allows me to create a quality online portfolio. That’s how I found my internship in Canada with Behance’s network. My website was the element that made the difference.”

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Major themes in 2016

Thanks to you, 2016 was full of great moments and amazing work…

We can't wait to see what you create in