Portfolio Action Sports 2012

Photography by Lars Scharl, www.larsscharlphoto.com
I specialize in action sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding and cliffdiving. Bringing along a background in competitive sports myself, I have a close relationship to the various kinds of outdoor activities. I love to be outside - somewhere on a mountain, waist-deep in powder snow or crouching beside some dusty bike trail, looking for the best angle, that's where I find my inspiration and where I really love to work.

The pictures below show a selection of my work from this year 2012. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Athlete: Antti Rissanen
Trick: Frontflip
Location: Kuopio, Finland

Antti is a young Finnish MTB and BMX rider. Since there's no such thing as indoor bike parks with big jumps in Finland, Antti was motivated enough to practice in -20° Celsius at his home spot... which of course gave me a unique possibility to get some decent MTB action shots in a winter landscape.

Athlete: Max Weickl
Trick: Frontside 540
Location: Flachau, Austria

Max is one of my oldest snowboard friends. I have worked with him on numerous occasions and I was happy when he called me this february to tell me that he had built a really big backcountry kicker at his home resort. Sure enough, I found a perfect setup when I got there and we're both happy with the result!

Athlete: Tobi Tritscher
Trick: 360
Location: Arlberg, Austria

We found this spot at the end of a very unproductive day - we had climbed to a pretty rough descent where Tobi wanted to ride a gnarly line. Unfortunately, the sun was so strong that day, it caused the snow to become quite avalanche-risky and so we chose to cancel the whole plan. Luckily we found this spot then. I liked the composition very much, with all the untracked powder snow on the left side of the frame.

Athlete: Roy Kittler
Trick: corked 900
Location: Innsbruck, Austria

This shot is from a night session for a movie production. It was one of the coldest, least comfortable shootings in my life and at the same time I'm happy about it since I really like this shot ;)

Athlete: Antti Rissanen
Trick: Invert
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Street action photography is a whole different challenge compared to park sessions... there's so many factors that you can't controll and it's hard to find spots that look interesting. I think in this shot, it all came together - we built a small, but funny spot that was okay to ride, looked good in the shots, the sun played some magic tricks and to top it off, this little Spanish dog was obviously also impressed.

Athlete: Antti Rissanen
Trick: Flair
Location: La Poma Bikepark, Barcelona, Spain

Sunrise over the Mediterranean at 7 a.m. - I think that it really paid off to start the day that early!!

Athlete: Marcus Klausmann
Location: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

This shot is from the finals of the first MTB Downhill World Cup in South Africa. My aim was to show the rider jumping "through" the spectators at the last jump of the track. I had originally planned to include the two photographers as a framing with their cameras at the ready, but now I actually think that it's even more interesting with the one guy just holding the camera at his hip.

Athlete: Johannes "Fischi" Fischbach
Location: Osternohe, Germany

This will be a double-page spread in a MTB magazine as an opener to a bike test. Since I didn't want to shoot an "ordinary" action photo for that, I had the idea of shooting a jump sequence, but using a different bike for each of the single frames. I think the resulting double page will look quite interesting :)

Photo: Christoph Laue

Lars-Arne Scharl constantly looks for new challenges as a photographer. His origins lie in action sports photography, a field known for its versatility and beauty but also for its physical demands and often extreme shooting conditions.
Lars began his photographic career in 2006 and a year later won the 'Wettbewerb für Sportfotografie 2007', Germany's biggest competition for young sports photographers.
His photographic style uses a mixture of pure natural light and extensive flash equipment.
In 2011, Lars covered the MTB World Cup on locations worldwide, as well as the biggest MTB Freeride events such as the Red Bull Joyride in Whistler, Canada and the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg, Germany. During the winter season, he loves to spend as much time as possible on crosscountry and alpine skis as well as on his snowboard, working for various outdoor companies. Clients include GHOST Bikes, CEP Sports, Shimano, Team'National, iXS, engage and many more.

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