QuantumDigital features Automail that was relaunched with brand new designs I was tasked to create to offer our customers. It's a 12-month direct mail campaign that real estate agents can easily set up to send out automatically each month.

America the Beautiful is one of these Automail series I designed. We wanted to show beautiful photos across America on the front side of the card so I decided a typographical design was best. So I created a sans serif type, replacing the triangle with a star inside the letter A on both ends and had it bleed on the sides. I picked a cursive font for the words "the beautiful." This design is consistent on all 12 postcards with a different photo that is suitable for each month. 

Below is the before and after:
Pictured above is the actual "before and after" during the process of design approval with my boss. The old "America the Beautiful" series was plain and less exciting on the creative side. This was done by a graphic designer a long time ago. You can see how much difference this makes with my newly re-designed series. I feel this is an accomplishment to improve the look of this series that help encourage more customers to order this great Automail series. 
A closeup of the transparent type (shown above) blends in beautifully with the photo and that's what makes the design look more interesting overall. That's what I love about this piece of work I created. Below are three of my favorite postcards out of all 12 cards I created.
Below is the web page at QuantumDigital that shows the selected America the Beautiful series. You can see how that postcard can be checked or unchecked for that month.  Great feature!
Our marketing team at QuantumDigital created this video that showcases all the Automail series I've created. You can see all my series are shown at 0:30. Great video! 
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