this is an old artwork :)
Kuluk kacang means peanut dog in balinese
it's the local type of dog that lived freely around the island
they are smart, affectionate, and mostly loyal beyond words
lately our goverment have program to reduce the chance of rabies on the island
so they just whipe a big chunk of these amazing creatures even if they have colar
that indicate that they are loved by someone, ...nope they dont care...
i guess the word "harmony" is an made up word that never really exist.
but maybe i am wrong... am i tho?
meng kuuk(cat) and siap selem(black chicken...oops almost gonna say black cock :)) 
is one of local story that we grew up with in bali, so i just mixed it up in the layout
kuluk kacang, meng kuung and siap selem, friends that we should take care and live with..
not eliminate :)
here is the process from sketch to coloring....enjoy :)