Too many hate lately, to many bad news, in the world, and some of them come directly from my country, Indonesia. 
Racial, political, and disturbing fact about current earth condition and how we manage to exploit her more and more,
most of them are come from one simple word, "GREED", ....Money....Energy...Power...Ego....Illusion.

So, this is me being hyper sensitive and made this artwork as a result:
Satu mean ONE, Bumi mean EARTH, and this is a currency design called SATU BUMI.
The thing with this currency is, we all already had it inside of us, but sometime we forgot, 
because we are too busy pursuing the "REAL" currency to fulfill our needs. 
I am not saying we don't need money... but enough, is enough...

anyway, long story short.....the idea is to trade more of this currency toward each other, toward nature, toward our life...
this artwork is just another reminder, the value of  SATU BUMI currency is kindness, love and respect toward anything,
toward your self, and the physical form of SATU BUMI currency is our actions.

here is the process from sketch into the final artwork........enjoy