"Yo Ho!!! Here i go..."

A few months ago a noble friend invited us to a challenge, a watershed for, the large retail company in Brazil, attended by REF+T. An unusual campaign which included pirates, octopuses, airmen and many, many monkeys. We had a low budget for high level work which had very complex illustrations and 
characters with fun footprint, as always!

"The partnership, commitment and patience of MUVAHOUSE in all the process of work, was essential for delivery with excellence. Thanks guys, it was wild!
(" Cadu Batista, DA - REF+T
Agency: REF+T
Description: Concept Art, 3D illustration and Post production

Production Studio: MUVAHOUSE Estudio
Executive Creative Director: Jean Campos
Account Executive: Patricia Palma
Concept Art: Jean Campos, Andre Andrade
2D Artists: Jean Campos
3D Artists: Wemerson Pereira, Leandro Soares, Leonardo Augusto
Grooming: Jean Campos
Post Production: Jean Campos | PIRATE
Published: | PIRATE

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