Motion Graphics
"It all began when the Muva House studio received an outlandish request...
... and the Land of Magic emerged for them!"

"If we can dream, we can also make our dreams come true." This quote from Walt Disney resonated in our minds throughout the entire process of this campaign. It is a milestone in the studio and in our lives, as it is the fulfillment of a childhood dream, that child who dreamed of seeing their film on the screens of the cinema and television, and received the bonus of the internet that in our childhood, we didn't even dare to dream about for a moment! The national Christmas campaign of this year for the Iguatemi group reached us through the NBS agency. It was a tough and relentless effort, but it was worth every minute, hour, and sleepless night we spent on it! A team of more than 30 people involved with a greatly reduced deadline and the same demand at the level of major Hollywood animation studios! In the end, our Christmas gift was secured. Congratulations to everyone involved, and our thanks to the Iguatemi network and the NBS agency for their trust. Now, as adults, we can understand the magic of Christmas that previously only made sense as children...
Agency: NBS
Client: Iguatemi

Muva House
Direction: Jean Campos
Production Management: Patrick Battistin
Customer Service : Paula Rinaldi
Color Script: Pedro Minho
Character Design: Felipe Cachopa, Rodrigo Camilo Alves De Almeida
Art Direction: Jean Campos
Background Design: Katan Walker
Background Paint: Guilherme Grandizolli, Lucas Ribeiro Rodrigues, Alexandre Leoni, Guilherme Freitas
Storyboard: Jean Campos
Animatic: André Rodrigues
Executive Production and Consulting: Nicolas de Cardoso e Mendes (Baiacu Pictures)
Animation Production: Milena Shimada
Animation Direction: Nicolas de Cardoso e Mendes
Animation supervision: Nicolas de Cardoso e Mendes, Tiago Rissoni Rovida
Pipeline Management: Samuel Evangelista Vieira Amarante
Rigging: André Perlingeiro Régula, Paulo Gomes Ferreira
Animation:Paulo Gomes Ferreira, Joyce Nagamura, Guilherme Guidetti, Douglas Azevedo Rogério, Luan Hilton, lásio Nogueira Neris, Gabriel Faria Batista, Jorge Zagatto Neto, Jefferson Barbosa Gomes Bastida, Marcel Delfino Junges, Fernando Bastos de Souza, Maria Amélia G de Oliveira, Felippe Rocha Steffens
Composition: Cristian Slavik, Rafael Haddad
Edition: Jean Campos
Color Correction: Jean Campos, Maurício Thomsen

Play It Again
Executive Producer: Tula Minnassian
Musical Production: Andre Minnassian e Ricardo Wey
Maestro: Alexandre Mihanovich
Voice: Arthur Kohl
Dubbing: Luciana Milano