What You need to learn if you too are interested to do vector .gifs and beyond.
Dedicated to you and me and all interested in Gif animation.
Those are my first animations. It wasn't made with flash.

Big bang - the first and easy step would be to learn how to make eyes blink
"Dance when you're winning"  - A dance in two frames is very easy
Stop smoking - You could make an animated comic strip !
Shaem - Portray a match burning. You may use fantasy.
Drop it like it's hot - A drop in the water would be useful to try. 
I will survive !  - Master emotions will be something important to learn if you want to do anime in a near future........

YEs ! - Try sexy projects if you're curious
Buster Keaton - Exhibit your work in a museum
We can all do it !! Do it too !
You are already a winner if you try !