I have created this viral video as a part of a full ad campaign against drinking and driving for TENAX night club located in Florence italy.

At the time TENAX ran the Drinking and Driving campaign design contest for IED students, which I won and had to create printed materials from Flyers to big billboards, plus a viral video.

Supported by IED management, I was provided with a Canon 7D Camera, tripod and lighting equipments, along with location permissions required.

A full shooting day was needed to get all the shots according to my storyboard, where I had help from my colleagues and video instructor trying to break glasses in front of the camera.

After collecting all the best shots, a combination of effects and coloring techniques were added to create the live clubbing scene with colorful strobe lighting.

According to a shortage of footage and a better flow of the storyline, I had to create few fake shots that were mostly composited of other extra shots and particles systems to create the violent glass breaking.

Finally, sound effects and an edited music track mixed to create the harmony of the story and final voice of the video were added with a Tagline connecting the story and delivering a simple light massage, targeted mainly for youngsters and people at the club scene.