My Sun II Blanket Concept

MY SUN II is directly related to the concept of heat, as we created a small blanket or a throw, and alludes to the idea that we are all people living under one sun. The design itself is linked to the masculine, using the geometric star typically found in Islamic architecture; and feminine qualities as the floral embroidery traditionally used in knitting, of each person or two people united through family ties and mixing of cultures which is inspired by my own cultural heritage with incorporated Greek, Islamic and French elements.
The fabric dimensions are: 1600 mm x 5 mm x 1300 mm with
and is double-sided with cool silk on one side and warm wool on the other side to represent the warm and cool of night and day.
Fabric: wool and silk
Wool is a resilient natural fabric and very efficient in absorbing heat and moisture and releasing them into the less humid environment. It permits the body to retain heat, but also keeps it cool in the summer because of its breathable nature.

Silk has the same properties as wool, where it holds heat and keeps cool in summer as well being equal in comfort and quality. Silk is the strongest natural fiber and has great pulling strength.

Colors: warm and cool such as light blue silk and natural dyed wool backing; ranges from light to dark shades, or inverted representing day and night

10% of proceeds go to refugee relief through the Greek Orthodox Church.

The fabrics are pure wool and silk, the designs are based on careful research, draftsmanship, and prototyping. I made a hand -stretched silkscreen print of the design after making drafts of the pattern, and then a hand-stitched and embroidered a maquette of the blanket before sending the pattern to India to be produced under the management of Sanjay Chawla, (my production partner) at the factory, Cotton Harbour: They are hand-stitched using ethical design and production practices.

To see a video about the background of this blanket visit:

MY SUN II, yellow prototype was shown in March, 2016 at the exhibition, Views, Bahrain

yellow and burnt orange prototypes
C: 10 M: 61 Y:92 K:35
C:32 M:5 Y:0 K:0
MY SUN II, Islamic star pattern and Greek embroidery pattern, incorporating Greek, Islamic and French elements; silkscreen print on recycled paper (240g/m). 71 cm x 52 cm 2014
Merged Greek and Islamic traditional elements
cotton or silk stitching on silk
Silk and cotton embroidery, mohair bottom
hand-stitched blanket prototype
Learn more about "My Sun II" in the short video. 
My Sun II

My Sun II

The concept behind this blanket is a representation of my own cultural heritage with incorporated Greek, Islamic and French elements; it also is Read More