Blooming chair

Visual and TVC for Vilnius international film festival.

Inspiration for this project is a red velvet, that you get encountered with in cinema theatre.
I call it VELVET SEDUCTION experience:
I'm thrilled by the surface of a red chair in a dark room. I come closer and touch it. It's deep, red, gentle and predacious at the same time. The chair starts to grow leaves, they spread and flourish. It blooms with bright velvet flowers.
I lay down on it and sink deep inside.
Work in progress photos by Andrius Solominas.
Visual development. Material photo test. Photography by Darius Petrulaitis:
Work in progress. Photography by Sarune Zurba.
Chair vegetation elements were constructed from plastic cut-outs and ready made objects. After covered in red fuzz with flocking technique to achieve velvet look.
On set with production designer Lynn Hofmann:
Flowers were stop-motion animated.
Puzzled gaffer :)

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Thank you!
Blooming chair