SHINE - animated short
"Shine" is an animated short film, which pictures the  fight for the Lithuanian language during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is a poetic ode to Lithuania and its difficult struggle to keep the Lithuanian language alive through the historical changes. Dramatic exile to Siberia, Lithuanian book smuggling, various movements for independence - all of it is encoded in the journey full of symbols and cultural heritage.

Direction and Script: Ged Sia
Producer: Miglė Pelakauskė
Production design: Ged Sia
Music: Vytautas Leistrumas
CG lead: Jonas Konstantinavičius
DOP: Jonas Konstantinavičius, Darius Petrulaitis
Illustration: Elena Maya, Ged Sia
Head of set production: Vaiva Braškutė
Set production: Vaiva Braškutė, Karyna Kavalenka, Lynn Hofmann, Urtė Karalaitė, Tomas Aliukas, Rugilė Jakšaitytė, Miglė Žebrauskaitė, Tomas Styra
Animation: Fanny Lambert, Nathanael Perron, Kevin Lagrue, Hleb Kuftseryn
Compositing: Jonas Konstantinavičius
3D riging: Karolis Galkus
3D modeling: Jonas Konstantinavičius, Arminas Didžiokas, Nathanael Perron, Kevin Lagrue
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SHINE - animated short