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    The title says it all.
Personal logo - first take. Based on the chinese symbol for wood and my name's initials.
This one was done for a fictional casino that targeted a younger demographic.The design is inspired by slot machines.
Arctic - Life cycles
The logo wanted to be a visual response for Arctic's new CSR policy. It was developed after a workshop with The Design Conspiracy, in a contest organized by Filter Design Competition in 2008.
Logo designed for a translation office.
Made the letters to look like puzzle pieces in an effort to translate visually the work that they do.
Fictional logo.
Pipes and bubbles make letters.
Logo and lettering for a crew of mountainboarders.
Three logos developed for Enclave Interactive, a start-up business that was looking to develop a MMORPG.
The first shown here is the winner. 
Sorry, I don't remember the whole story for this one. It had to do with weed and an online shop.
Online catering service, specialized in cakes and other sweets.
Online shop, supermarket. Copywriting and logo.
Wooled - concept, copywriting and logo for a maker of woolen laptop sleeves and other stuff.
Pirate Bay-ish logo. Fictional.
Logo for an alternative theater company looking to go mainstream.
Logo for a theater company called Joint Theater, Romanian "Teatrul Joint" - monogram.
Lettering - ambigram, developed for a magazine that didn't make it.
Identity system developed for a Romanian Audio-Visual Performance group.
Underground Visuals.
Bugs and design. Fictional.
Personal logo - second take. Simplified version of the first, still based on the chinese symbol for wood.
Personal logo - third take.
Logo for a boy who shoots photos. Crystals, light reflection, Vitruvian Man.
Identity for a joint effort by me and Vian Peanu that later turned into Dos Cabrones.
Logo for a girl who takes pictures. Fibonacci series, architecture, games.