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    Tomboy Hero is a serendipitous concept brought to life by Bipolar x Ioana Casapu/ Ruffles for Breakfast x The Type Collective.
"Embellish, engage, entertain, enhance and a ton of other glamorous words ingrained in our systematic vocabulary because we live in a world of mass market. Corporations are people. People are engines. Think global, act local. The Sex and the City anthology preached for nearly a decade that dating is like a job interview with drinks. Looking at life through the hourglass of that statement makes it seem like a list of tasks we’re born with and that have to be all checked for society to accept us, to have us.
We’re brought up to seize the background and not the shape. But we are far from a series of digits that replicate themselves from generation to generation, without fruition. Ambition is a car crash. Anxiety is disaster experienced in advance. Fear is good. It means you’ve started moving. Failure is evolution. Disarm the boundaries of what you were told. Break the chain. Stop the hamster wheel. Hop on a bike, ride on the highway, let go, and mostly, let yourself grow. Freedom of thought tastes like vodka on the rocks with cherries and frangipane, like breakfast with champagne in dark silk, like pajama parties in cars, smashing pumpkins on the beach or riding on a motor through parallel landscapes. It smells like Vetiver and gunpowder, like a fragrance designed for Bonnie Parker. Own who you are. Life is the jail break where carnations bloom. Creation is the windmill of your deepest dreams, the hot air balloon that lifts your spirit when it’s genuine. Love is the branches of trees caught up in torrents of rivers. Fortune is the number of people who stood by you in your darkest times. And success, that pretty much sums up all the risks you decided to take.
I was born in 1984, the same year George Orwell’s future fantasy world was colliding. The life we live today was never very different from that script. Maybe this is the perpetuous challenge, to look for the inside of the inside, to dissolve the patterns, to get back to the island. Go make a parade out of who you are. There’s a hero living in each and every one of us. Show yourself to the world. 
My name may have been Julia, or Mary or Georgia May, but I decided to call myself Tomboy, and I’m my own hero"
Tomboy Hero is a serendipitous concept brought to life by Bipolar x Ioana Casapu x The Type Collective. Tomboy Hero collection is available now on bipolarstore.com and selected e/retailers.

Video – Adi Bulboaca
Photography – Ionuţ Staicu
Styling & Copy – Ioana Casapu legitimate Tomboy Hero, journalist and creative director Ruffles for Breakfast
T-shirt Designs/ Editorial Design & Art Direction – The Type Collective (Vian Peanu & Andrei Ogradă)
Make-up artist – Maria Dragason (DallesGO Make-up)
Hair stilist – Madalina Stefu
Model – Simona/ MRA
The T-shirts
Give me Head by Vian Peanu
Bad Karma by Vian Peanu
Tits on Acid by Vian Peanu
Beauty that kills by Andrei Ogradă
I fuck back by Andrei Ogradă
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