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Ralph Lauren - Life in Color quiz   
The Big Pony Fragrance collection, digital launch
My latest project includes the digital portion of a new product launch for Ralph Lauren Fragrances, called the Big Pony Fragrance collection for Women. The product line includes four new scents, which just became available for sale. Like with all scent-related products, our challenge was helping people understand why this fragrance line is right for them – and more specifically helping them figure out which particular scent best matches the individual.

Since smell-o-vision isn’t a reality yet, we went for a different approach, instead focusing on the product’s emotional resonance. Each scent carries with it a particular state of mind; sensuality, style, free-spiritedness and sportiness. In order to determine which scent best matches your mood, we created an interactive quiz that aims to find out which of these four attributes match your personality. Within the quiz we ask a series of questions about how you would do certain things and then quickly process the information to provide your answer.

To make the experience more engaging, we included a beautifully shot short film from famed photographer Bruce Weber. Tying in the film set the mood for a fun, personalized experience that can be shared with friends faster than you can say Big Pony. Try the quiz for yourself by clicking here. And if you don't like english flash, we also created the quiz in HTML and for iPad, in french, spanish and mandarin.

Other nice details include a $4.000 sweepstake and a soundtrack by One Republic.

My role?
Producer. From finalizing the scope of work to handling the production on a daily basis, following it through the production to the end. All the things stuff a producer does.

Creative Director: Cristopher Westrell