Asics - Stop at Never
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    HTML5 parallax site for Asics America, iPad optimized.
Asics - Stop at Never
Interactive website
What do you do when you make the best athletic shoes in the world and want to have some fun telling people about it? If you’re ASICS, you build an experience that brings technology and innovation to life in unexpected ways. Welcome to!

The site was created in collaboration with Kokokaka to demonstrate ASICS’ superior products and how they use technology to improve performance. Not boring third period science class stuff. But 10 “did I just see that?” web videos, made together with 13 keys and Dave Friz, that involve ASICS’ own Olympic hopefuls running on water, taking a jackhammer to their own shoes, playing tennis upside down, and catapulting people into a lake.

A parallax scrolling site, has two main content areas. The first thing you’ll see is a film. Scroll down and you’ll see another film — there are 10 total, each demonstrating a different ASICS product and a different piece of their world-leading technology. After watching each clip you can click to the right for an interactive demo about how the technology within that product is working to help you, scrubbing back and forth to see how the shoe reacts to impact.

My role?
I was the Digital Producer
for the website.