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    Bums, hobos, beggars, rogues, heroes.
Bums, hobos, beggars, rogues, heroes.
Keep walking. Life = money. Good advice dispensed on cardboards by homeless people. Use your head. Avoid headaches. Be good, to yourself. This day, today. Dog/ . You are here. Pet the monkey. Get happy. Do not feed/ agitate the animals. Men at work. Open air offices. Open your eyes. Lazy. This is not poetry. This is your life. Your battery is running low. Blue skies, empty wallets, open roads, no calling. Sucker. Open season. Open reason. I am stupid. I am here to buy. Help wanted (written on shopping bags). Breathe. Breed. Consume. Trash should be a luxury commodity, the amount of trash you own is directly proportional to the money you have to spend. Buy trash. Be somebody. Invest in garbage. Glorious shit, or how great my time yesterday was. Sniff it, taste the life. Life is for the dead. Death is for the living.
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