Moinzek - Business cards
As freelance graphic designer at this time I have to do my own business cards for clients. That's why I thought during my "rebranding" to a square card ― which is in reality a rhombus card when you handle it right ― with my logo "M" on one side and my information to contact me on the back-side. Letterpress is a good solution to give more identity to those cards and keep a nice view on them when the client takes a card and can feel embossment on the two sides.
The fonts used are ORI for the logo "M" ― and which is my own font I created and you can have for free if you mail me and have look to my Behance project called "ORI"― and Chronicles G1.

This rebranding is also due to
my coming soon online portfolio

Dimensions :

Printing :
Letterpress on the 2 sides by a french girl printer in Quimperley.