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    Poster for 14th Yugoslav Theatre Festival, Uzice / Serbia. Slogan was: Why do we exist? Why anything exists?
Logo for the 14th festival (above) won Jury and Merit award at the International logo design competition – Hiiibrand 2010, organized by New Graphic magazine (China) among 4,136 competitors from 60 countries.

The story behind the poster (below) was the story about crisis. And not only about global economic crisis which hit the world the year before (2008), but also deep moral and social crisis which are happening in recent years. It's about alienation and indifference among the people. About roughness in our relations. Theatre's asking and wandering what happened with beauty of life, love and tenderness?
Slogan was: Why do we exist? Why does anything exist?
Now I would really appreciate it, if you'd appreciate it...