Багри / Bagri
Bagri is the first farm-to-table restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
It follows the principles of good, clean and fair food and 
the natural seasonality. Each day you can find daily choices 
of fresh and healthy food, made by quality products. 
The restaurant uses unique and traditional products of many 
Bulgarian farms and small-scale producers. Bagri is growing 
its own food and preparing the dishes with real love!

Design & Creative Direction - Ivaylo Nedkov
Progress Photography + Video Editing & Color Grading  - Teodor Peevski
Interior Photography - Georgi Petev
Food + Interior Photography - MEM Studio
Video / Camera -  Vasil Germanov
Client Service & Project Management  -  Vera Schwartz
Find Bagri on Facebook or visit them for a brunch, daliy specials or a quite dinner.