Oddval - Ink Traps & Ovals

Oddval is far from your typical geometric sans-serif typeface.
Instead, it's a typeface that defies convention, making it all the more captivating.

Created by Stan and Mirela of Type Forward, this typeface is anything but boring. Oddval's distinct ink traps give the letters a one-of-a-kind oval shape, making it stand out from other fonts. Despite its odd shapes, Oddval remains easily legible even in small paragraphs of text.

Aside from its unique aesthetic appeal, Oddval is also highly functional. It supports numerous languages, multiple weights, a variable font, and OpenType features. This typeface is perfect for various applications, especially for creative projects.

Moreover, our friends at the creative studio FourPlus played a crucial role in presenting Oddval. Through stunning visuals and a well-chosen name, they highlighted the typeface's unique qualities and versatility, showcasing its potential for creative expression.


​​​​​​​TypeForward x FourPlus Studio /
Font Showcase - FourPlus Studio

Creative Direction & Graphic Design - Tsvetislava Koleva
2D Animation - Nani Gavadinova
3D Design & 3D Animation - Jelio Dimitrov
Client Service - Vera Schwartz 
Photography - Tsvetislava Koleva​​​​​​​