RAW. A material study. For a greener planet Earth.
The Concept.
Simplicity is key. Basic shapes - a cylinder and a block - combine to create light, airy, natural product that sits comfortably on your desk, producing sounds that you love.
A part of nature in your urban environment. 
Bamboo and Cork are a few of the most sustainable materials, known for their fast growth, ease of farming, processing and workability using even the most basic tools.
In the modern world, visual design is only a part of the equation that makes a great product. Humanity is at a point, where designers have to put great effort into making their products sustainable.
Talks about environmental problems have spread all over the world. Everyone knows humanity is in trouble. Talking about is the first step, but it's time to take action. 
The Prototype.

A Simple set of desktop speakers. A 3.5mm audio jack connects to your audio output, amplifies the sound that comes out through powerful (but small) speakers, creating a 2.0 sound system*.
Materials and Parts:
Bamboo (hand-cut), cork (CNC machined), HDPE (laser cut), 2 x 20W speakers, Adafruit 2 x 20W audio amplifier, miscellaneous radio parts and connectors.
The concept was designed (and prepared for machining) using Autodesk Fusion 360. Product visualizations (at the top of the page) were rendered using Blender Cycles.
 - A low-frequency subwoofer would be required for best listening experience. Due to the nature of the exercise (material study) a subwoofer was not taken into consideration for the prototype.