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turnsole. A lamp design & prototype.

Turnsole [ˈtəːnsəʊl ] - A plant whose flowers are said to turn with the sun.
turnsōle is a floor lamp design. Made to fit an industrial-style interior; to add warmth and coziness to what others might consider a harsh environment.

The main idea behind this design was to create an object that would portray mindfulness, peace, love of life. A statue that turns its face towards the sun, enjoying the warmth, the light, the moment.
Stability in flexibility
The legs of the lamp are tied together with three ropes, connected at the centre. This provides tension in only one axis, allowing the legs to move sideways with ease, but prevents the legs from moving back and forth. This makes the lamp stable even if one of the legs were suddenly moved, i.e. in an event of tripping over the wire, or one of the lamp’s legs.
The three connecting ropes are attached to a steel turnbuckle, which allows adjusting the tension and the width of the tripod. Turning, tightening the turnbuckle creates a force that pulls the legs together, but the spacer at the top pushes them outwards. This simply adds tension to all the parts of the lamp - increases its stability.
Industrial with intention.
Ropes were used to tie the rough, industrial parts of the assembly together. People have relied on ropes for thousands of years to attach, assemble, hold, hang, and strengthen, but their use have been phased out as the industry evolved. Arguably, ropes and knots have a pleasing aesthetic that awakens the warm feelings towards the industry of the past.
The main element should always be pointed at a wall. That way the hemisphere always looks at the brightest spot, it always faces the light.
Gracefully planted.
Tripods are very graceful in their nature. They can hold a heavy load on their relatively thin legs; their pose creates a feeling of lightness, precision and grace. It does not clutter nor visually occupy space. Three tiny points that touch the ground is all it takes.
Face the sun.
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turnsole. A lamp design & prototype.


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turnsole. A lamp design & prototype.

turnsōle is a floor lamp concept design and prototype. Made to fit an industrial-style interior; to add warmth and coziness to what others might Read More