'НАШИ ЛЮДИ' the Russian hip-hop photography book
'НАШИ ЛЮДИ' the Russian hip-hop photography book
Art-direction & Photography: Anton Scut36 Volkov
Design & make-up: Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Illustration: Alexey Barhan
Jacket design: Aleksandr Gorban
'Наши Люди' is one of the most significant projects I have made so far. As I've been taking photographs of the russian hip-hop scene for a long time I decided to make and publish the first and only photography book about Russian hip-hop. It took me almost 2 years to make it happen. I shot portraits of more then 150 Russian MCs, DJs and producers from different countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, USA). The book contains photographs of almost all significant hip-hop artists from mainstream superstars to undeground legends, from old school veterans to new school upcomig musicians.

All the photographs in the book were taken with my medium format film cameras (Mamiya 7, Hasselblad 501c) exclusively for the this project. The book was published without any financial help from publishers, sponsors or crowdfunding campaigns in March 2013 and officialy sold-out.

Besides the photographs you can find several illustrations created by the artist Alexey Barhan based on the most significant quotes from songs along with the main 'billboard' promo illustration.
'Наши Люди' (Nashi Lyudi) stands for 'Our people' in Russian. This is the original name of the song recorded by the famous Russian rap band 'Kasta' in 1998 and could be considered as a russian hip-hop anthem. 
Check out the additional products and materials below:
Book promo stickers
Wraping paper
Saint-Petersburg clothing brand 'Anteater' made limited amount of promo t-shirts (100 ps) dedicated to the book release with one of the quote-illustrations printed on the front.
The website scut36book.com allowed to purchase the book from any part of Russia.
Some h☀t ass promo photographs (the list of the physical stores where you could buy the book | 'The right place for russian rap').
'Наши Люди' in Respublica bookstore (Moscow).
For the online promotional needs there also been created a hashtag #нашилюди (the image was created from the tagged instagram pictures).
One of the 'Black Friday' promotional gifs ('Take my fucking money and give me that book').
Artists and celebrities with the book.
The book eventually became the perfect item for the autograph collectors.
#нашилюди in the most popular Russian hip-hop battle event 'Versus'
The video from the book presentation in one of the most popular bookstores Respublica (Moscow).
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'НАШИ ЛЮДИ' the Russian hip-hop photography book