ATL #FCKSWG x За упокой mixtape cover artwork
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    The making of ATL #FCKSWG x За упокой mixtape cover
ATL #FCKSWG x За упокой mixtape cover artwork
Art-direction & Photography: Anton Scut36 Volkov
Lettering: Alexey Barhan
In spite of the fact I know ATL for a long time I started following his music and became a real fan only after he released the first part of his #FCKSWG mixtape series. That time I shot couple of portraits of him to promote the release of the second part of the mixtape trilogy.
Moscow, Russia, August 2013
Later I collaborated with Dmitriy Shadrin, an artist from Saint-Petersburg, to create a cover for ATL's 'Кости' EP
I combined the flash backlight with a projection of the illustration. 'Кости' means 'bones' in Russian.
I also shot the music video for ATL that is still considered to be the one and only music video I ever shot:
Some time after ATL told me he had been working on the third (and the last) part of his #FCKSWG mixtape series I got an idea of using three coffins as a main part of the cover design. It would also match the name of the mixtape 'За упокой' that means 'For the repose'.
After I googled the coffin blueprints in vain I decided to create my own coffin out of paper.
Following the paper coffins I decided to make the wooden versions of them.
Even at first I planned to make the coffins out of wood I was not happy with wooden ones and started thinking of the way I can get the aesthetically beautiful clean coffin. Then somebody advised me to use 3D-printing. I sent the measures of the coffin I made to my friend and he created a 3D model of it ready to print.
During another discussion ATL suggested in jest to put some dead mice inside the coffins. 'Suicide mouse' is the character of his songs. At first I didn't take it seriously, but later I realized it was actually a good idea and I would be able to make it happen. My close friend used to have couple of snakes at home in Moscow and several times I witnessed how he feeded them with dead mice. So he helped to find the place where I can get some dead models for my project.
By the time dead mice arrived I already got the 'printed' coffins.
As both covers of the previous parts of the mixtape series had the leading purple tones in design I decided to keep the succession. I cut out the lettering made by Alexey Barhan out of red and blue color tapes.
After everything was prepared I gave some time for the models to become unfrozen and started shooting:
The final design pack contains 4 images, each of them can be used as a cover. 
You can stream the mixtape below: