The American Academy of Periodontology Foundation
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    Print design for AAPF.
The mission of the American Academy of Periodontology Foundation (AAPF) is to improve the periodontal health of the public through increasing public and professional knowledge of periodontal diseases, stimulating research to generate new knowledge, and enhancing educational programs in periodontal education and practice. 
AAPF 2014 Annual Report
Helping to educate periodontists more than ever before, this year’s theme “Reaching New Heights” exemplifies The AAP Foundation’s ability to surpass previous years accomplishments. Colorful fractal geometric shapes each built upon the other are used throughout the report as design elements to represent the consistent growth of funding which ultimately builds a dimensional and diverse profession. The application of line combined with color shapes also give a scientific feeling to the report.
The Foundation was honored to receive the William J. Gies Award for Achievement, as well as to give out over $4 million dollars to further the specialty this year.
"Love the Gums You're With" Public Awareness Campaign
This brochure presented all the tactics of the campaign—posters, flyers, web banners, social media, etc.—and provided a mechanism for donations to support the effort. 
AAPF 2013 Annual Report
For this year, we created a special AAPF logo celebrating their 25th anniversary. The theme “You Inspire Innovation” plays out as You Encourage Education, You Support Research, etc. It acknowledges all the ways that donors support the mission of AAPF. 
AAPF 2012 Annual Report
“We Are The Future” paid tribute to the work of member periodontists and the generosity of donors that helped advance the mission of AAPF, preparing it to meet the challenging demands of the future.
AAPF 2011 Annual Report
“Persistence & Purpose” are the qualities AAPF draws on to face the challenges of the current non-profit landscape. The theme weaves through the success stories of fellowships and awards as told by the recipients and donors alike.