AS Cmielow brand redesign
Luxury brand redesign
AS Cmielow is one of the oldest porcelain manufactories in Poland. The idea behind the brand redesign was to add a fresh and minimalistic feel, but maintain the style of porcelain figurines AS Cmielow Manufactory is producing.

At the time, Ćmielów Manufactory was planning on expanding their offer with their newly-designed porcelain jewelry collection. They needed a new brand that would still carry the message of Ćmielów Manufactory's brand.

What I also knew was that it wouldn't be smart to throw away all the history behind the brand and everything they were working on for many years. So I decided to make a fresh start and look for the right typeface that would be similar enough to the old logotype, but still have better proportions, rhythm and letterforms.

You can see the effects below.
The typeface I chose was Panache Bold. Still resembling some of the old letters, but with simplified forms and this amazing capital W
As you might have noticed in the above slide, I cut away the upper part of the rhomb that was a base for the logo. Therefore I created a diamond-y shape that would work perfectly for the new porcelain jewelry brand. And that's what made it click all together, without actually breaking down everything the brand was before.
Here you can see the whole brand identity system