Hommage à Górecki
A poster commemorating Henryk Mikołaj Górecki
I designed this poster for a competition commemorating a great Polish composer, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. Górecki was internationally renowned for his symphonies and chorals. The term "spiritual minimalism" is often used to describe his works.

Using light seemed a perfect fit to show his approach. As in my other posters, I was trying to use as little graphic design means as possible, so the whole design is based on photography that was retouched. I believe this gives the viewer the sense of something physical that wasn't created in a program from start to finish.

So... light became a material building the whole structure of the poster. The idea came to me after analyzing the shapes of the letters in Górecki's last name. It was possible to create a message of the light going "through" the name of the composer and therefore create notes on the musical staff.

The other thing I wanted to communicate was a metaphor of music coming to existence through the inspiration (that some believe comes from God). You can see the final effect below.
Below, you can see a couple of pictures from the process of making-of: