Handcrafted New Year’s visual from
BetterFly | DDB
How to congratulate New Year’s to clients from the whole team?
BetterFly | DDB decided to create a unique visual and show the united spirit.
Specially for this project, BetterFly | DDB designers handcrafted numbers in 2016 from
 spruce twigs and instead of toys, they hang BetterFly employees made out of clay.
Year of 2016 must be filled with BetterFly dedicated team!
Each figure of the employee was crafted according to her/his most
prominent features, afterwards made in gif animations.
There’s a striking similarity between figures and the
people they were crafted after.
Art Directors
Sophia Antidze / Gvantsa ChijavadzeSophia Guraspashvili
Sophia AntidzeGvantsa ChijavadzeSophia Guraspashvili 
Eldar Khalibauri / Lina Batsiashvili Ira Kimberg
Copywriter - Gvantsa Garmelia
Photographer - Kikalastudio
VFX artist -  Davit Kopaleishvili
Digital Project Manager - Sandro Khasia
Content Manager - Dea Avaliani
Web Developer - Levan Kvicinadze